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#31 Food for the Jewish Holidays from Expert Princess Pinky Girl

August 19, 2021 Pat Blackwell Season 1 Episode 31
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#31 Food for the Jewish Holidays from Expert Princess Pinky Girl
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Jennifer Fishkind is the expert in quick & easy recipes. 

Princess Pinky Girl started in 2013 when Jenn found herself obsessed with a new app called Pinterest. Jenn was planning her oldest son's camp-themed Bar Mitzvah and was finding amazing ideas on it to use for the party. One afternoon, her niece called her and asked her if she knew that she had more than 1 million followers on Pinterest and how did she do that?

Princess Pinky Girl (aka as Jenn’s girly outlet) is a website that focuses mostly on easy recipes with a little side of travel tips (if you are looking for something healthy, look elsewhere!) Her recipes focus on simple ingredients and steps that anyone can pull off. She often says if she can make it, anyone can!

Princess Pinky Girl is now a full time++ career. Jenn has been featured on Good Morning America, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Marie Claire and many other publications. She has also been a Brand Ambassador for Netflix, Princess Cruise Lines, IKEA and more.

Listen to hear more about the Amazing Princess Pinky Girl and see below for more information.

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Food for the Jewish Holidays from Expert Princess Pinky Girl...


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As a Catholic farm girl in Minnesota, I certainly never expected to ever be the Jewish party Maven, but 4400 parties and 26 years later, I am indeed an expert at Jewish parties. I am fiercely committed to helping the best vendors, book more parties in this amazing, lucrative and incredibly loyal Jewish party market. Let's go. Hello there and welcome to another edition of the podcast. I'm Pat Blackwell. And today I have the great pleasure of interviewing the famous princess pinky girl. Jennifer Fishbein. Hello, Jennifer. Hey, Pat. Thanks for having me. I'm so excited to be with me here today. And I am so excited to be here. Thank you for yours because I got to help you with your kids celebrations long ago. Yeah, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching your business grow. So tell us a little bit about princess Pinkie girl and what you do. Sure.



So the funny thing is, is right when I met you is when it's basically started because I was planning my son Jake's Bar Mitzvah, he's now 22. And he the camp thing Bar Mitzvah and I decided I was going to do it myself. I'm like the creative type and wanted to tackle it on my own and a new platform had just come out called Pinterest. And at the time for Pinterest, you actually had to have an invite in order to get onto the platform. So I got an invite and I started pinning like crazy and I was doing camping, BarMitzvah stuff, and my board was literally called Jake's Bar Mitzvah. And at the time, you know, outdoors, the type of rustic weddings were really in style. And that's a lot of the stuff that I was pinning, you know, was the same type of stuff. And, um, you know, Pinterest noticed my board because people were repeating my stuff, and they highlighted it. So when you served on Pinterest, you had to like, follow a certain number of boards, and mine was one of the ones that got highlighted. And one day my niece called me and she's like aunt Jen, did you know you have like a million followers on Pinterest? I'm like, Well, I'm like, doesn't everybody I just assumed generated a lot of followers. She's like, I've got six, um, you know, then we started looking to see Is there something we can do with this, you know, The companies offering to purchase my board. I'm like, you know, you can start an account for free if you want. But I didn't really know the value of what I had until we kind of stopped and looked into it. And then, you know, we started investing in investigating in, you know, in what we could do with it. And I decided to start a blog. I didn't know what a blog was, I didn't know what I was going to write about. But I kind of, you know, through trial and error, I have found my niche of easy recipes for people who can't cook because I am not the best cook. I don't enjoy it. If there's too many, too many ingredients or too many steps. I like x out I'm not interested. So I wanted to find things for people like me who wanted to, you know, bring a dish to someone's house for a party or be able to entertain, but didn't necessarily I was very intimidated by the kitchen. We're so sorry. Oh my gosh, I didn't know I knew you went But you knew me. You knew me at the very beginning, Pat. So you know, eight years later say is my blogoversary isn't that a coincidence? at all, it all comes circles back right? Um, and you know, 125 million pageviews later, I have a full time business. So



no pinches. Thank you guys girl specializes in easy recipes. And I podcast is all about Jewish customs and Jewish traditions. And I brought you her today specifically to talk about what kind of recipes what kind of foods are involved in the holidays. So I know it's Rosh Hashanah coming right up here. But yeah, who don't understand Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah is the new year and this year happens to be September 6. So what kind of food would people have for Rosh Hashanah?



So the great thing about Jewish holidays and, and my you know my love for easy recipes is that most Jewish holidays, the biggest focus of all of them is the food. We love our food we love not only do we love to eat it, but in my house, it's all about you know, cooking it together. You know for all the holidays, the Jewish holidays on Thanksgiving. It's like a bustle of activity in my kitchen with me and my sister and my boys and my niece my nephew and we are all just trying new things and cooking together and everybody of course has their favorite dish right. The ones that can't be left out, you know in my house. It's my mom has broken glass jello, which is actually I'm all these are probably on my site. You know the jello with the little pieces of different colors. In it broken up into cubes. I mean, it's like, you know, it was it was in every like probably old, you know, cook your church and synagogue cookbook back there. So that's always the staple Someone has to have that we have my grandma's pistachio cake. And you know we didn't find out until after she had passed away that she actually used a cake mix for it. So, you know, I was like, What's so intimidated by my grandma's cooking here she is using the cake mix and that shows up every one of our holiday dinners. For me rashanna when I started taking that, you know, taking that the hosting duties over for that I was very intimidated, intimidated by making a brisket and a brisket is very, you know, traditional for having at a at a rashanna dinner. And I've tried a bunch of different recipes. But my friend Julie Hirsch, like walked me through we sat in our kitchen, we made my first brisket together and we wrote it up and put it into into the on the blog. I mean, she was like you put a little bit of this, you put a little bit of that. And I'm like, no, no. I'm like, I need measurements. So we figured out the measurements together. And I will tell you even my mom who does not like brisket loves his brisket. And it is one that if I can make it literally anyone can make it. It's easy. It's in its it's foolproof.



So I can post the recipe on my show notes. But are they going to get recipes like this?



So aren't we anymore? You can find all of my recipes at Princess Pinky girl dot com and



all the gunk up and tell us the name. Why are you called princess Pinkie girl.



So it was one of those things that if I would have known it would have moved to where it is today. It probably wouldn't have been that, but then it probably wouldn't have been as memorable. when my kids were little we every year we used to dress up for Halloween. And one year I forgot to get a costume and I ran to target literally on Halloween afternoon. And all they had was a plastic tiara and some little earrings and this pink fleece onesy and I'm like, Okay, I'm like I'm gonna make something out of this. So I put it all on and I've told them they're like, well, what are you I'm like, Well, I'm princess pinky girl. And it kind of stuck. And then they're like Archer dresses princess pinky girl. And I tried to think of the most girly name because I have boys. And so whenever we would like play a game on the computer we play like Guitar Hero, I would name my band princess Pinkie girl, because it is girly as it could get. So when I was doing starting my blog, I'm sitting in my backyard with my sister and she said to me, I'm like I need a name. And she's like, well do you have to call princess Pinkie girl? I'm like, okay, and who knew? You know? Like I said eight years later



now now so we can go to Princess pinky girl dot com. Yeah. And get your awesome recipes. Yeah rashanna you recommend a brisket? Definitely like the brisket dinner. I'm probably not bringing an entree. So what kind of holiday things can I bring that would be appropriate.



So another staple and everyone I know a lot of people make this is a big salami which appetizer if you need to bring an appetizer it's a great appetizer to make where it's like with apricots, preserves and honey mustard, and you let it like sit and marinate in it and then you bake it and it's just delicious. That's a great appetizer. I have a ton ton ton of Apple desserts and you know the Jewish New Year is all about a sweet new year starting with the apples and honey. And I've got a bunch of a bunch of really good ones but if you're looking specifically for a couple, some of my most popular my Carmel Apple crispy bites, their little baby old Chris book by Chris bytes like an apple and a bite. It has the graham cracker crust. And you know use fresh apples it's very easy to make and they are like addictive. So totally recommend those. If you want if again if you're not a good cook and you want something that's very easy, not intimidating but delicious. A Carmel Apple dump cake and a dump cake is basically just like it sounds you literally just dump everything in a dish and throw it in the oven with a cake mix on top super easy. invoice goes all the time. They're great. They're so delicious. I just made that this weekend. The other one that is one of my most popular recipes that went crazy over the last like two years is apple cider donut cake and that on it tastes like it's a cider mill donut but it's it starts with a cake mix box. It's super easy. You just make a box of cake mix some you know fresh apple cider works best and then a couple other ingredients and it's it's it's it's it's it's a keeper we like we love that cake you can make it into even you know bites if you want to.



Awesome. Okay, so rashanna and apples. And right on the heels of rushes out that comes young people are and I know there's no recipes for young people. Because it's a fasting day.



Wow. But there are there's a lot of recipes for Yom Kippur because the break fast is one of my favorite meals of the year. Well this one a traditional breakfast meal and so breakfast meal is usually a lighter kind of breakfast II type of meal brunch. We usually have bagels and lox and all that I usually make an egg and cheese souffle which I can make the night before when I'm not hungry. Put it in the fridge and then just pop in the oven. It's always ahead



because I'm saying break fast because I'm talking about after you fasted all day long this Yeah, break that fast I'm not doing breakfast correct. Okay, but it's but the food is typically breakfast foods and



yes, but it is a break fast because you're breaking the fast and absolutely. Some coffee cakes are always a good thing to bring you know, but it's usually a lighter meal tuna fish and and and stuff like an egg salad and stuff like that.



Awesome. Okay, and then we go on to the next holiday of the Jewish years to coat



to coat I mean again, you know Apple desserts to me are always a natural anything with the fall and the thing with Pumpkin Pumpkin Spice we have a ton of pumpkin spice recipes. Pumpkin Spice delight. lasagna, I know. It's put Nope. It's It's It's like a pumpkin spice lasagna. So it's a dessert actually. It's just a layer dessert. Fine. lasagna desserts are very popular. Carmel Apple dip. Um, I even have some like baked Apple chips that you can you can make. So any of those those types of you know, are always a good or is good hasselback apples, which are delicious baked Apple, it's kind of cut, you know, in pieces of ice cream on top.



Okay, well, those are some great ideas. And I encourage everyone to go check out your princess pinky girl site in Mita. All right onto the next holiday. So now we have Hanukkah is there lacquers Have you got to have that you



got to have the lockers. I mean, personally, I'm a big Trader Joe's lakka fan because I think they're a pain to make. But I'm frozen or they read the frozen and from an airfryer which is my favorite tool ever in the kitchen. And they are delicious. We eat them all year, all year round.



Okay, so if I'm invited to someone's Hanukkah dinner, probably they would have liked because already they would probably have lactose and



then just a funny type. Any type of dessert is really is really great. I mean, I have a sprinkle cookie, which is they're really delicious. Maybe they'd like a cream cheese in them. And those are soft and you can actually take those if you get blue and well could take blue and white sprinkles and dip them in that rather than a colored sprinkles. So you know any dessert you can really take and you know get um, you know it can change it up just by



by the sprinkles, you know, moving white or blue and silver and the Jews. Alright, so yeah. People are wondering why blue and white for Hanukkah, when white and also you know, the Israeli flag is blue and white. So those are our colors. Alright, so the next holiday that is a big holiday is probably Poram poram Yep. So what foods are affiliated with?



Well, poram has kind of become like the Jewish Halloween a lot of the Jewish day schools don't celebrate Halloween, but they will you know, the kids will dress up for Poram. So any of the Halloween desserts really can be adapted, you know, for you know for for Poram. So that's kind of, you know, where I would go also the home and fashions. So I don't have that on my site, but there's some really cute ones. And there's, like people have Muay Thai Thai ones, and there's so many different flavors.



Those are always fun, too. But then in the spring, we have Passover. Is there some Passover celebration?



Yeah, Passover food has really like come a long way. I mean, there's so many like, now it's so much it's so much easier and there's so many better options out there. Honestly, one of my favorite things and no one ever thinks about this for Passover is merengue. merengue cookies are great because they're Passover friendly. And they're also like 25 or 30 calories, which is great. People get really intimidated by merengue it really isn't hard to merengue cookies are not hard to make. And I do have a really good recipe for it. And again, it's one of those things if I can do it really anyone can. So that's always a great one. I also have my mom's cinnamon, chocolate chip, Mondo Brad which is I could literally eat it all year round. Fried matsa obviously that's that's a you know, a no brainer for us like we have that you know, every year. So there's tons of options now which is so which is so great. Chocolate Chip macaroons which you know, coconut condensed milk. Those are delicious. Those ganar once rallied all year round.



Yeah. Well, you as always are just filled with ideas. And I love your energy and I love your, your enthusiasm for what you're doing. And I think is so helpful. And like you said, it's quick and easy and, and it's not intimidating to people.



I mean, I'm telling you, if I can make these recipes, anyone can make omelet. So you know that that was my goal is to have a site with things that people can can enjoy and make and not have to labor over. Very cool. Thank you very much for joining us on the podcast today. Thank you for having me. It was so fun.



I treasure the time we get together and you were just amazing. I love the things you've accomplished with this online business. Oh my god right back. atcha



I mean, seriously, and Pat. I mean, I can't thank you enough. I mean, the the the peace of mind that you gave me at my kids events was like priceless, honestly, like we've we've appreciated you so much. And so not everything that you do.



Thank you very much. It's a red coat, lady. That's our goal. Let people enjoy their party. Yeah, always a Jewish party maven And my goal is to help vendors and families understand these rich customs and you're going to be helped with that so great that I can help you. Take care