Book More Jewish Weddings with Pat Blackwell

#30 Legend Steve Trudell shares how to create an amazing band

August 18, 2021 Pat Blackwell Season 1 Episode 30
Book More Jewish Weddings with Pat Blackwell
#30 Legend Steve Trudell shares how to create an amazing band
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How do you create an amazing band?  Steve Trudell put together one of the hottest bands in America:   Your Generation in Concert

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Today, our Word of the Week is I'm ready to get back celebrating. And the hora is the one dance that happens at every Jewish party. Mazel Tov. You will soon be one word closer to booking more Jewish clients. Now, let's grow your business. Welcome to the book more Jewish weddings podcast. I'm your host Pat Blackwell. As a Catholic farm girl in Minnesota, I serve never expected to ever be the Jewish party Maven, but 4400 parties and 26 years later, I am indeed an expert at Jewish parties. I am fiercely committed to helping the best vendors, book more parties in this amazing, lucrative and incredibly loyal Jewish market. So let's go. Have you heard the quote? Life is 10% what happens to us and 90%? How will you react to it? How are you reacting to COVID? What are you doing to grow your business this week? Well, you're showing up here, which means that you are still learning still working to understand more about your new Jewish clients. Yes, your new Jewish clients today? Yes, COVID is still here. But if you look at all this free time as an opportunity, you'll open up to a whole bunch of new options. Whatever is out there might be even better than what you had before. That part's up to you. Fun fact. Did you know that in America, there are nearly 7 million Jewish people. That's a lot of weddings and Bar Mitzvah celebrations. Jewish people know how to party like rock stars. They have the most epic parties. Here's some more stats for you. If you're wondering if you should get into the Jewish market. There are 48,000 Jewish weddings every year. 30% of Americans have college degrees. But 60% of Jewish adults are college graduates. Only 10% of American adults have advanced degrees. But 30% of Jewish adults have advanced degrees. We have some smart clients. Jewish people have an amazing sense of humor, too. Did you hear the joke about the first Jewish president? His mother was sitting in the front row of the inauguration ceremony. She looks over at the woman sitting next to her and says, See that man up there about to become president. His brother's a doctor. Alright, let's get back to business. Why should you trust me? As I said, I've helped over 4400 Jewish celebrations. Yes, you heard that right. 4400 parties. So I've learned a thing or two about Jewish parties. And still, after 26 years, I learned something new, nearly every party. So if you already book lots of Jewish parties, good for you. There's still likely something in each and every podcast for you. If you are new to the Jewish party market, then this podcast is just a starting point. Welcome. Stick with me, and we will grow your business. COVID is coming to an end. My phone's been ringing. Clients are calling to book parties in June and July and August. People are so very excited to be celebrating again. As happens almost every week, a client asked me yesterday, who's the best photographer who's the best venue. As always, I explained to my client that having someone who understands their Jewish customs is huge. It's really important. You only get five hours to celebrate. There is no redo. There is no retake. If you fail to capture those important photos, there is no option to go back and get it later. Toward the end of this podcast. I will talk about how to get you on the Jewish party mavens certified vendor list churching. So thank you for listening to this podcast to learn some more Jewish vocabulary. This week is called Word of the Week. So let's get started with our new word. hora. We will do this the Jewish party Maven way. We will say it we will see it and we'll save it in your brain by using it. Like I said this week's word is hora. As with any use Yiddish word, it has several spellings. But the most common spelling is h for Harold over orange are for re A for apple hora. h o r a thumb people say horos Some people say hora, h o r r h it all means the same thing. So see it with me. hora hora hora because this is actually a dance. I'm going to go into my DJ friends again. Add a little louder. hora. Yep, you got this. So what is a hora? Well, it's certainly not a Canadian Lady of the evening. A hoary a hora is a customary Israeli dance, in which the guests form a circle and link hands around the couple. I've had several DJs over the past years invite people to come and do the the hoorah. Oh, you got to get this one, right. If you're going to work a Jewish wedding, you need to know how to do the hora. So step two, let's see it. I told you, we would say it, see it, save it. Now that you know how to say it is time to see it. You can do this. Have you ever played those memory games where you visualize something so you can remember it later? Stay with me here. This is an important skill. visualization can be really fun. It works best when you visualize objects that have personal meaning to you. But here on this podcast, I'll give you the cues. So picture this, clear your brain and picture this. You're nervous. worse. You're scared. In fact, you are horrified. All of the guests at your wedding are going to dance in a circle around you and lift you up in a chair. You are horrified. I mean, hora FIDE, horrified. Can you remember that? Going up in a chair is horror fighting to you see how easy that was? Just think of the horror and how horrified you will be raised up in that chair when everybody's dancing around you. Don't worry, I got a freebie to help you remember this week's Word and more. Check out the show notes to get my powerful cheat sheet. A Jewish party mavens 12 Jewish words at the best vendors now. Now step three, let's save it, save it in your brain by using it. The hora is a traditional Israeli dance performed at almost every Jewish wedding. Guests form a circle and hold hands while dancing around the new couple. Most times when the couple are lowered in those chairs, the groom's parents get raised next, then come the bride's parents. Sometimes even siblings get raised in those chairs. As a venue. It's really important to have chairs with arms for the horror. I've seen way too many brides or grooms fall out of the chairs as guests are dancing around. Those chairs should be lightweight, but strong and sturdy. with arms to clust internet considered knotted together in the corners and draped over those chairs. The couple hold on tightly to those napkins when they're lifted unevenly in the chairs. As a band, it's important to understand the pace of the hora The most common song is having a gala. It starts out slow and ramps up quickly. You will likely need to play the role of emcee directing guests to form circles and go left or right. It should be fun. You'll also have to read the crowd to determine when to end the horror film weddings have a three minute horror film lots of weddings have a 12 minute horror film 30 minute horror, it all depends on the crowd. I once worked with a band who had never performed the hora they started the music way too slow, and it was terribly awkward for everyone. Eventually, of course, they got up to speed. But then they quit way too soon. Way too soon. Just as the crowd was getting going. The family was very disappointed. They don't get a second chance. Just because the band didn't take the time to learn the Jewish traditions correctly. They put a big damper on that celebration. You my listeners can do better. Thank you for being here. Let's wrap this up. This week's word is horror. Say it horror. See it you will be horrified to be lifted into the chair. Save it dance the horror in circles around the new couple as you raise them up in the air in tears. Mazel Tov. You learned a new word, and you're one step closer to gaining the trust of your new Jewish clients. Yes, your new Jewish clients. Remember your freebie? Download this cheat sheet the 12 Jewish words the best vendors know. Click the link in the show notes or go to Jewish party Maven. com. If you'd like to learn more, follow me on Facebook or Insta at the Jewish party Maven. I really truly appreciate your thoughts about the show, and learning lots about how this podcasting world works. Just like in the party world review is our goal to all of you rockstars please leave me a review. I almost forgot again, I promise to tell you how to get on the Jewish party mavens certified vendor list. Go to my website, Jewish party Maven calm and click on the link for certified vendors. Join me next week when we'll learn about the hookup and you'll be another word closer to booking your next Jewish party. Touching. Thanks for listening